I am a Star Child of the Holocaust

Inge Auerbacher

Genera= Non Fiction

If only it was a nightmare Inge thought, as her mother pins on her yellow star. She sits and wonders why all the Jewish men are being arrested, and why she can no longer go to school, or why her grandma was hit by a Nazi and put on a train. Little does Inge know her nightmare has just begun.

Inge was sent to a concentration camp at the age of only six with her mother, father, and best friend Ruth along with her family. When you are only six you should not see your best friend die and so many others hurt by Nazis or sent away on the death trains. But when Inge was six and she did see that, and so much more.

After three long years of horrible conditions, near death experiences and Inges childhood ruined forever they are set free. But now where does she go? Is her family still out there alive? Will she find help before its to late?

Who would enjoy this book?

I think who wouldn't enjoy it is the better question! But people who like poetry style books and easy reads would really enjoy this book. People who enjoy heart wrenching books would love this!

Genera= Non Fiction


- While loaded on the death train many people gave children watching there most loved items.

- Once the Auerbachers were freed they visited the mayor of a city near by and found many items from there old house in the mayors office.

- Inge was the only child survive in her state.