Notes from the Hawthorne Library

A Monthly Report for Families and Teachers

September 2021

Hello Everyone!

This monthly report will provide Hawthorne families and teachers with a summary of what we've been up to during weekly instruction in the library. I appreciate you taking the time to review the content, and I welcome any questions you may have!


Our focus this month has been getting to know one another and getting comfortable with library procedures. We have shared several school and library themed stories, learned about taking care of library books, and spent some time on concepts about print/learning the parts of a book.

First Grade

First grade classes kicked off the year reading If I Built a School and building model schools with Legos. We then spent a few weeks on library expectations and book care before kicking off our unit on fiction -v- nonfiction. We are currently working on locating materials in the fiction and nonfiction sections using call numbers and are practicing alphabetical order.
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Our start of year readaloud, Goldfish on Vacation, provided a great opportunity to reflect on summer activities as we launched a new school year. We spent the next week discussing library expectations then took a few weeks to work on logging into the Chromebooks and getting onto the library Clever page. This past week I read one of my favorite readalouds, the Newbery-award winning Last Stop on Market Street, and we used Buncee to create a story map together. Check out their fantastic class Buncees below!

Ms. Dunnehoff's Class

Ms. Novak's Class

Ms. Bode's Class

In the weeks to come, the students will create their own story maps in Buncee after sharing other award-winning readalouds.


We spent the first few weeks getting reacquainted with one another and with library expectations. Following that, we began working with the Chromebooks (logging in went a lot faster than with the 2nd and 3rd graders 😆) and started working with Buncee. The students worked with a template called "My Favorite Things" to share a little about themselves and to practice using the different features in Buncee. You can view their works in progess below:

Ms. Renshaw's Class

Ms. Carson's Class

Ms. Rudio's Class

One More Thing...

During the second week of instruction, the students brainstormed what they think it means to be respectful, to be responsible, and to be a learner in the Hawthorne Library. I compiled what they came up with into our Hawthorne Library Expectations. These are posted in the library for all to see.
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