Dangers of The Internet.

Information Privacy

Tips to keep you safe while you are surfing the web..

Have you ever wondered who can see the things you post online or who may be watching you at this very moment because of the information you have shared on the Internet? Many people do not think about the things they share online. Hackers, sex offenders, thieves, etc could easily get access to where you are or even where you live. You should never talk or chat with someone online that you haven't met before. They could make you believe that they are this really great and caring person, when in reality they may be trying to meet up with you and do bad things. The Internet can be a safe thing to use, only if people think about what they share to the public and they use it with caution.


If you have social media just think twice before you post. Don't ever put your address, nor your phone number. Never tweet, Instagram or Facebook, "Home alone someone should come over! :)" Never put to much information about yourself or don't put any information at all. Just because it gives you the option to, doesn't mean you HAVE to fill it out. Not everyone in the world could be as nice and caring in reality as they can be over your phone or computer screen. Don't trust anyone. You never know how sneaky people actually are. Just because the profile has a cute boy or beautiful girl as their profile picture and information that seems valid, doesn't mean that is who it really is. Don't completely trust someone you've never met. Make smart choices and always think twice!

Jodi & Kyra

We are students creating a project to help people understand that the internet is a dangerous place. We are trying to get readers attention that more people need to watch what they post of social media. We understand that it is your profile and you can post what you want. But, is that really worth a complete stranger collecting all of your information? Someone could figure out your full name, phone number, address, where you attend school, your favorite things in life or even your best friends in just a few clicks of a button. Think before you post.
Internet Danger- Everyone Knows Sarah
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Helping you stay safe while surfing the web!

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 6:30-7:45pm

This is an online event.

An online event that allows everyone in the community to get together and talk about tips to be safe on the Internet. Talk about online predators, cyber bulling, identity theft, etc. The main goal is to keep everyone safe on the Internet.

6:30- Welcome.

6:45- Featured speaker.

7:30- Break.

7:45- Interactive panel discussion.