RILINK Newsletter

May 2023

RILINK Summer Conference

Mark your calendars

The first in-person conference since 2019 will be on July 18 at the East Bay Educational Collaborative. This year's theme is Better Together: Strength Through Sharing. Sessions will focus on sharing our knowledge, insights, and tips to support each other in our work.

Watch the RILINK listserv for more details.


Good News! Advantage filtering became available recently. It allows librarians to hide titles from Sora regardless of ownership. Once filtered, it can take several hours for the book to be removed from Sora. As part of this process, holds will also be removed from the student accounts. RILINK staff has a meeting scheduled with the SORA team to learn more about this new feature, and we will share the details as we learn more.

Advantage Filtering Marketplace (article)

New Languages in Sora: Students can now navigate and search Sora in Portuguese and Korean. Sora can provide a parent letter template in Portuguese, if desired.

Sora Sweet Reads kicks off on May 15. Your students will have access to a mix of Juvenile, Young Adult and Adult ebooks and select audiobooks – available for free and simultaneous use until August 28. Learn more about the Sora Sweet Reads program in this 60-second video.

Destiny Discover

Destiny 20.0 is here. Follett has incorporated suggestions from users to improve the product. One change that might be useful as the school year winds down is the option to change the status of an Overdue item to Lost after certain number of days.

To learn more about Destiny 20.0:

Sessions on Follett and Destiny will be offered at the Summer Conference.

2023-2024 Invoices

Invoices for the 2023-2024 school year are being emailed as they are prepared. Please check them for accuracy and send any questions, additions, or deletions asap as a reply to the email. Thank you in advance for your patience as this is the first time current RILINK staff are managing this task.

Professional Development

RILINK has an asynchronous certificate option. After viewing a recording send a request for a Certificate of Attendance through Request Help. You will receive a survey form to complete and submit. When the form is submitted, the certificate will be sent to you.

Currently, asynchronous certificates are available for Professional Learning Sessions offered in 2022 and 2023.

Quick Notes

2023 RILA Conference Registration will close on May 15. The school librarian track is on Thursday, May 25. School Librarians of Rhode Island Awards will take place Thursday afternoon. This year's conference is in the beautifully renovated Providence Public Library with catering by Russell Morin. Visit the 2023 RILA Conference page to view the daily schedules and register today.

LORI Delivery ends for schools on Friday, June 9. Please plan accordingly so that all materials are returned to their home schools before the end of the school year.

The Summer Reading LibGuide on the RILINK website will be updated on May 15. Check the Books and Reading tab for new links and information.

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