This Is Me



my name is Hannah Trotman, I'm 14, I was born and raised in Texas. I'm a Mormon I'm all Texans.

Favorite Food/Place/Quote

I like any type of food really it just depends on who makes it. I love North Carolina I love to eat the sea food there. "I do it because I can I can because I want to I want to because you said "I couldn't."

Pet Peeve and why i want to be in the academy

I hate it when people lean over and just stay over my shoulder and look at what I'm doing, and when people do not know when to stop and my # 1is when guys act different or treat them diffrently because we are girls.

I wanted to be in the academy because I have always loved to cook and help out in the kitchen. I wanted to be the one that made the biggest impacted in my family. I wanted to be the one that will make my grandma happy. I wanted to do something that me and my mom can do forever.