Happiness Habits

February: Kindness


What does kindness mean to you? Can you remember the last time someone was kind to you and how that made you feel?

When you're kind to others, it not only leaves them feeling great, it can also increase your own level of happiness as well.

Many universities, including Harvard , are starting to look for kindness in their applicants.

The video below talks about the science behind kindness and happiness...
Kindness Scientist

Tips for Practicing Kindness

  • You never know what a big difference even a small act of kindness can make. Give this Random Act of Kindness activity a try to see for yourself!

  • Research suggests that we tend to be kinder to people when we see a connection between them and ourselves. Try this activity to help find a Shared Identity. This is especially helpful when you find yourself feeling unkind towards someone that you think is very different from yourself.

  • Try a guided Compassion Meditation to help develop your kindness towards others - even people you don't like.

  • Try the Feeling Supported activity to help yourself experience kindness and support when stressors tempt you to pull away.