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The Northwest High School Counseling Department strives to inspire, motivate and guide students in their journey of self-discovery and planning their futures. Using a comprehensive counseling program, we will foster an empathetic, safe space for students to explore opportunities in their personal, academic, and social emotional growth. Students will be equipped for their future and leave better today than yesterday.

The Northwest High School Counselors

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Natalie Eddleman: Lead Counselor, students last names A-B

Ashley Gaither: students last names C-Gr

Kelly Wallace: students last names Gs-Mb

Emily Gentry: students last names Mc-Rod

Jessica Wallace: students last names Roe-Z

Daniela Bermea: Intervention counselor

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February 18-22: Prom Closet (see flyer below)

February 22: TSI test at Steele HS

February 25: Parent Workshop: Listening and Problem Solving (see flyer below)

February 27: NISD Expo Day

February 28: Cycle Recovery deadline for the 2nd 9-weeks

February 29: TSI test at Eaton HS


March 2: 6-7:30 pm: Dual Credit Night at NHS Student Union (see flyer below)

March 9-13: Spring Break

March 18: All students ASVAB test during school - sign up with counselor

March 20: 8th Grade Tours

March 21: TSI test at Steele HS

March 25: Juniors take SAT during school


April 4: TSI test at NHS

April 20: Night of Excellence at Eaton HS

April 30: Legacy Awards


Ready for School

Cycle Recovery

NHS is now offering Cycle Recovery. This is an opportunity for students to recover a failing 9-week grade in an on-level core class and on-level Spanish 1 and 2. Students will be enrolled in an online class to remediate their work to earn up to a 70 in these offered classes. Please conference with your teacher to start this process. Counselors can help advise.

Cycle Recovery for the 2nd Quarter will start January 8 to be completed by February 28.

Students are able to work on Cycle Recovery in the Library after school with a teacher every Monday-Thursday from 4:30-6:30 pm.

Course Registration for Next Year's Classes

Counselors will be meeting with students for Course Registration January 27-March 6. These meetings will happen through English classes. Each English class will meet in the Go Center for one day so that counselors can meet with each student individually to go over their Personal Graduation Plan and solidify their class choices for next school year. If students were not able to meet with their counselor during their class time, they will get a pass before March 6 to meet with their counselor.

In April, course selections will be emailed to students and parents/guardians. The parent email will contain a link for any corrections/request for change. These can be submitted until May 22. After that, all course requests are final.

Resources for Course Registration and Academic Planning

Ready for College


Seniors, don’t forget to start your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)! The 2019-2020 FAFSA is open and ready for you to get started! If you need help, the TCC Help Session on November 16. This is open to any student/family even if they do not plan to attend TCC. Flyer below.

FAFSA website: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa

Naviance has a New Sign-in from the NISD Portal

The move to Single-Sign on (SSO) through the NISD Portal for Naviance was successful; however, it apparently disabled you from logging-in as you were accustomed to before. NOW, students and adults alike MUST log-in through the NISD portal with their NISD credentials.

Once employees, students, and families realize know to look in the portal, it will make the log-in process much easier. There will be no more dealing with username and passwords for Naviance.

Students will now find Naviance Student in the NISD Student Portal. The link to NISD Student Portal is below.

Ready for Life

Guidance Lessons

Juniors just completed a Guidance lesson about understanding their Personality test by completing the "Do What You Are" inventory on the Naviance system. The survey is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, Do What Your Are is geared specifically for high school students. The resulting report gives students a synopsis of their Myers-Briggs personality type, with some helpful hints on one's strengths and blind spots. Students were then able to explore some career options relating to their strengths and preferences.

Coming up:

Sophomores will discover Learning Style Inventory


We are offering the ASVAB test for all students on March 18 during school. Please use the link below to sign up to take this administration.

Parent Workshop Opportunities

NISD is offering several Parent Workshops this year. We are hosting several here at NHS but there are many topics presented throughout the district at several campuses. They are all open for all NISD families. Please visit the link below for the most current workshop information.

Social and Emotional Learning

Northwest ISD schools will create an intentional, nurturing, and caring culture that engages all stakeholders in a comprehensive and integrated approach to developing the whole child as we work collectively to ensure our students are socially, emotionally, and intellectually prepared for college, the global workplace, and personal success.

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Flyers/More Information

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