Chocolate Child Slavery

By: Mikaila, Colin, Julie, Vivian, Cole

This child is raking the newly picked cocoa beans

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Who is this about?

The children that have been sold, hired or stolen to work on the Cocoa farms in West Africa along the Ivory Coast. Also the people running the Cocoa farms.

What is happening?

Chocolate plantations are using child slaves for labor. These children are working in horrible, unsanitary conditions causing some to get very sick. They use sharp machetes to cut down cocoa pods from trees and are constantly cutting themselves accidentally. Also the bark of the cocoa tree is very rough and the children get scratches all over their bodies. Not only that, the workers abuse the kids sexually, physically and emotionally. They have to endure these horrible things and most don't even get paid. The ones that do get paid, receive very little.

This is where a kid is using one of the machetes to cut down a cocoa pod

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When did this happen?

No one knows when it started but it is currently happening.

Where is this taking place?

Mainly in West Africa On the Ivory coast and in parts of Ghana.

Why are they using children?

They are using enslaved children on the cocoa farms because they are small and nimble. Making them the best candidates to go on the slim upper branches of the trees. Also they are cheaper and easier to get ahold of cause they are small and put up less of a fight when they are taken against their will.

What can we do to help?

We have no sure way of knowing if the chocolate we buying has involved the use of slavery.

What could be done to stop this is...

The chocolate industry should develop and support programs to rescue and rehabilitate children who have been sold to chocolate farms. So far they have done nothing to prevent slavery and child labor. Even Hersey's has done nothing and will not release the location of their chocolate source and they are one of the biggest chocolate companies in the world.

What can be done to help/make a difference?

It is significant to get this problem to the public because they need to know which kids are going through this torture. If we can get the public support then we might be able to stop this. If we don't even more kids will be put into slavery and into human trafficking . No one should have to go through, even more so children. So help us help these kids and get them out of the cocoa farms and get child slavery out of the chocolate industry.