Roman justice

Culture of rome

Roman Freedom and Rights

Free people were Citizens. Citizens were able to vote. They held official offices. They were able to own property. They were also allowed to go to court.


Free men had the right to live thier lives in liberty and happiness. Free men also had the right to go to court,have judges, and go to trial. Disobeying the law would end up in a beating, getting fines,banishment,slavery,execution,and patricide.

Reasons rome fell

Roman's citizenship

Roman citizenship was given to anyone that is was free, any free people. If you were a citizen you had the right to vote, to hold official offices,own property,have contracts, and go to court.

Roman's laws

Laws in Rome mostly focused on marriage,inheritance,and contracts. Laws were written so people couldn't forget them, they were written on the 12 tables.

Roman's justice

Roman's laws were meant to pursuit life,liberty,and happiness. Judges in Rome made decisions from trial and evidence.

U.S. Citizenship

There are a couple of ways that you can because but some of the most important ones are being born in the U.S. or you could move to the U.S. and go through a progress of becoming a citizen. Some benefits of being a U.S. citizen is that you can vote, you can bring family member to the U.S.,obtaining citizenship for children,traveling with a U.S. passport,becoming eligible for federal jobs,etc.

U.S. Laws

The U.S. has many laws from passing a red light to homicide. Punishment in the U.S. consist of tickets,parole,jail time,community service,etc.

U.S. Justice

The U.S. actually has a department of justice which is responsible for the enforcment of law and administration of justice in the U.S.

U.S. Vs roman citizenship,laws, and justice

U.S. Is more complicated than the Rome. In the U.S. you need to go through a full on progress or you can be born in the U.S.,Rome on the other hand was more simple you just needed to be a free man/woman. Rome's laws made sense but once you took it to the consiquences it was bad many people think they took it too far with the punishments but they prevented lots of laws to be broken,The U.S. might have more laws but the punishment are alittle less severe. Now the Romans justice system and the U.S. justice system seem almost the same, they were both fair, and they both made sense