Have a break..........have a KitKat


Targeted towards every age group. The major buyers are aged 35-54 with children under 18. Major competitors are cadbury. mars bar and m and m's.



-bright in color

-has a chocolate bar on the front

Product development

The primary product that KitKat offers is chocolate which comes in different flavours and sizes. Around the Chinese new year KitKat offers milk chocolate bars. Their are different types of KitKat such as "bite size", "chunky" or the tradtional "four fingers".
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Pricing is very affordable and any age group can afford it. The cost to make the product is very cheap and KitKat is often cheaper than it's competitors. Kids and Seniors can also afford to buy the bar.
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Appealing slogan to all age groups "Have a break....have a KitKat". The logo which is KitKat spelt largely over the package and part of the chocolate bar broken in half. The background colour is red so the bar is visible from far distances and is distingushable from other candy.


In Japan over 200 flavours were released in the mid 2000s. The flavours appeal to the younger generation and are bought as good luck gifts. KitKat translates to "surely win" in Japanese.
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KitKat is primarily transported by trucks and can also be picked up from its distribution centre by the retail stores.

Inventory management

Retail stores have their own distribution centres where they send adequate amounts that are guranteeed to sell into stores. The store keeps track of when to order more products based on how many have been sold by using the barcode system.


KitKat chocolate bars are produced and can be stored at in a cool dry place. It is primarily the manufacterers responsiblity to store the product until the retail store orders more.


Google named its new operating system "4.4 KitKat". KitKat is having an online contest in which you can enter and win a trip for 2 to Costa Rica and 100 other giveaways. KitKat regularly advertises and commercials appear regularly on t.v.

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