The presidential poster

By Johsua Erosa

What do you need to become the president?

There is not many things to be president, all you need is to be at lest 35 years old lived in the country for at lest 14 years, and be a natural US Citizen.

what are the Duties of the President.

The president has a lot of responsibilities he is Chief of state, chief Executive, chief Diplomat, Commander-In-chief, chief legislator, chief of party, and chief Guardian of the Economy.

Expressed Powers and inherent powers?

Expressed powers are powers that the constitution grants the president word for word. like they can command the military forces, veto laws, and elect ambassaders.

Inherent powers are powers that the constitution doesn't say they have but doesn't say they don't have.

So how does the President check the legislative and Judaical branch?

The President or Executive branch can check the legislative branch in a few ways he/she can veto laws passed by congress, appoint federal officials who carry out and enforce laws.

The executive branch can check the judicial branch by nominating judges to the supreme, he can grant amnesty and forgive a class crime.

How have the presidential powers expanded?

using executive privilege buy Nixon he planted listing devises in peoples offices with out telling anyone.

line-item veto in the case of NY v Clinton he passed a bill but vetoed parts of the bill instead of the whole bill this let him bypass congress.

pocket Vetoes this allows the president or other official with veto powers to exercise a bill by taking no action

war powers act lets the president command a army to war for a certain number of days.

22nd and 25th amendment.

If the president is kill or can not full the his duties the vice president takes his place. under the 25th amendment.

The 22nd amendment that limits how many terms the president can serve in office.