Local News Update

The new garden

planting in the community garden

This garden in Cleveland, Ohio is a great garden the people have told me all about it and it is one of the best I have seen. This garden is a great garden to plant and grow things.

The first thing people do at the garden or want to do at this garden is plant and grow things.

They also like meeting new people. This garden is the community garden. Everyone comes together and plant, also grow things. The people of the garden start growing and talking to others. The garden is full with plants and crops. People in Cleveland, Ohio love there garden that they made.

Finally the garden was done, it looks stunning and everyone's great work is in the newspaper. This garden is a work of art. This is a great garden to plant and grow different plants. So come down and see the garden in Cleveland, Ohio. This garden is an awesome and a great place to plant at. The people love it and love what they did.

God forever

Dear Lonnie,

what is some advice for me to find god. How would I find him and what would I need to learn. How would I know if he was talking to me. What lessons would i need to know.

How did You find god Lonnie. Can you give me some advice or please tell me. I wanted to know also that did you find him in church. How is it to know what god is saying and telling you things. One thing I would also want to learn about is between god, is what things will he do.

I know god is awesome but how cool is it to have him always in your heart and him talking to you. When your sad, lonely or happy what is he like? I Think that would be pretty great to have him with you or talk about your feelings and whats going on in life. I hope I can get some advice from you and learn how to keep god with me for the rest of my life

From Broc

God Forever

Dear Lonnie,

I have some advice to give to you to find god and love him. Lonnie you could also find god in your heart. Knowing how to find god is an awesome thing to know and it is good to love him in your heart. God is one of the best things to find in the world cause he can help you and always be there. I'm so glad you found him and going to church and worshiping him. I hope you can get to know him even better.

My other good advice to you would be never loose him always believe and share the magical things god can do to you and how he can change you to a whole different person. Always love god and never let go of him in your heart or in your heart or in your heart. God is one of the best things that's ever happened to you cause you've changed into a different person. Lonnie, I hope you keep god forever in your heart and never let him go, remember he is always with you.

From Broc

Halloween scare

Sunday, Oct. 27th 2013 at 7-9pm

2435 Avon court, west Chester Estaes

You are invited

special instructions

wear a costume bring your favorite record to dance to

please bring a RSVP by Friday October 26: 555-2388

please come to the awesome Halloween scare!