October 17th-28th

Learning so fun, it's scary

Report Cards....

Report cards will go home on October 20th. These will reflect students' progress from the first nine weeks. If you have any questions or you would like to conference please set up a time with me and I would be happy to do so. (The link is below)

New quarter, new start

Yes, we have begun a new quarter (nine week grading period). This means students get a fresh start with grades and learning. I know that the first quarter is a big transition and I usually see students making huge strides with their learning, effort and grades. This is the time of year when students finally feel like they can handle the work in front of them.

That being said, this is also one of our busiest times of the year. Its a very fast quester, with many days off and breaks (like thanksgiving). I also like to do projects during this time of year, but in order to do that, we will need to be very focused and get our classwork done. Please let me know if you have any questions as the quarter moves on, and I will do my best to help. Please know that I will be sending more work home with students this next nine weeks.


As many of you have guessed I LOVE books! So, I am very happy to let everyone know that we are having our school wide book fair October 24th-28th. This is hosted by Mrs. Bolden the wonderful librarian. You can come in after school, or on your students' lunch to shop with them. Or after school during our READING NIGHT!

Please know this is not required and we don't want you to feel pressured to make any purchases, this is just an option for those looking for more books to put in kids hands!

Reading Night

Next week we will have reading night! This is a night when we invite students back after school for some reading fun. Students who attended will get an extra dojo point from me!

What's going on... In Class

Math, Math and MORE Math

Since we just finished our unit on multiplication meanings, or ways to show as I like to call it, we will be moving into the relationship between multiplication and division. Students will be asked to make multiplication and division fact families and show how multiplication and division can be related.

I know many of our students KNOW multiplication and understand division. That is EXCELLENT. However, in Third grade, we are learning ways to show that you know. This means they need to know and understand more than just the standard algorithm. They are being asked to show the math several different ways. I know this is tough, and seems tedious, but it is very important for foundations of math that they have these solid understandings.

Learning multiplication

Parents, since we now have a great understanding of WHY multiplication works, we can start memorizing the facts! I will be starting the Multi-do in class as well as giving students SOME time in class to practice. I am asking that students take time at home as well. If you need some fun ideas for dames let me know.

Reading, the wonderful world of NON fiction

In our core reading units we will be moving into the land of Non-fiction. We will be covering text features, text structures, sequence, summaries and reading so much nonfiction text. This is a big unit and will take us from now until Christmas break. I will be sending home weekly books (folded paper) for students to be practicing their skills with. Students need to read and complete the work, and it will be due back fridays.

Book Study

To round out all the non-fiction we will be reading we will be reading a fiction book as our book study this month. Because we are behind in starting our book study, I am going to carry this one until the week before Thanksgiving Break. This will give us more time to dig in and enjoy this book, discuss the themes, characters and plot. Also, this means they will have some AWESOME projects at the end. I am so excited as this is one of my favorite books we will read this year. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Writing... both SCaRy and FUN!

For the rest of the month we have a very fun writing project planned. Students will learn about The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. This is a fun picture book by Chris Vans Allsburg with a little mystery. The opening of the book, the author tells us that a women dropped of a series of illustrations, one each for a story she wrote, and a caption for each photo. However, the women never came back with her stories. Student will have the opportunity to choose ONE of the pictures 'left behind' and using the caption under the picture write the story THEY think goes with the illustration. This is such a fun writing project and we will be going through the whole process. Keep your eyes and hears out for their scary stories.