The One Child Policy in China

By: Isaiah Lipscomb

All About the One Child Policy

The One Child Policy is a policy to slow down of lower the population of the area that policy affects. This is the point of view that the people of China have for this policy Mrs. Yang, 36, told Tea Leaf Nation that she is counting on a revision. “With many voices arguing for the reform of the one-child policy, I have been anxiously waiting for it to change,” she said.Yang is a high school teacher in Shantou, Guangdong province, and as a public sector employee, she could lose her job if she violates the policy. She and her husband, 40, already have a daughter, but would also like a son.“I think two children would make a family more complete and better; for both the parents and the children,” she said. But the clock is ticking.“In a few years, it will be impossible for us to have more children. I hope the policy will be adjusted soon,” said Yang. The people have spoken and the government has heard so they gave the change that they wanted and change one child policy to two child policy starting in 2013 to 2020 there for droping the policy. The government should let the people decide if they want this policy but they are in a communist country.


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