White River Valley School District--November, 2020

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ORANGE CODE continues as District Practices Virtual Face-to-Face Platform

The pandemic numbers in Greene County have been on an upward trend, which has produced two consecutive Orange rankings from the Indiana Department of Health. According to the district Orange plan, both the high school and middle school have been moved to a hybrid schedule to allow for more social distancing upon the recommendation of the local health department. The ES continues in-person upon recommendation for the GCHD and the Governor's office. Parents are reminded that food is available for students on their "off" day.

This week all three WRVSD buildings practiced for a virtual platform program that might accompany a Red GC ranking. Students and teachers worked through Google Meets to allow face-to-face virtual communication should it be needed. We appreciate the help from our parents and students to help test-drive the virtual platform.

Parents and patrons can follow the districts active and total Covid-19 cases through our district website at www.wrv.k12.in.us. Click on Covid Scoreboard to get both the current cases and the total cases (since August 11th).

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WRVSD Raises Well Over $1,000,000 in Grants for 2020

Every school year, school districts in Indiana receive funds through a federal grants program. Schools qualify for funds in Title 1 (Grades K-8), Title 2A (Professional Development for Teachers), Title 3 (English Language Learning), and Title 4 Rural Schools. These grants are all based on our free-and-reduced lunch statistics. WRVSD receives just over $250,000 for all of these federal programs.

School districts can apply for other grants as they are made available. We have had a very successful past year in this area...raising over $1,000,000 for additional program resources for our school district. Grants are written through a competitive process in most instances, and WRVSD has been very fortunate to earn a number of additional revenue opportunities. Grants are very specific in nature and most are based on potential program offerings and specific resources.

This year, WRVSD has earned the following financial and equipment grants:

*USDA Kitchen Equipment Grant--$36,000 (WRV ES Kitchen Equipment Upgrades)

*Regional Opportunity Planning Grant--$130,000 (Ready Schools Program Initiatives)

*Regional Opportunity Initiative Ready Communities Grant--$102,000 (Precision Machining)

*Regional Opportunity Initiative Ready Schools Implementation Grant--$250,000 (Project-Based Learning Programs, Collaborative Learning Spaces, Wolverine Enterprises, Trauma-based Discipline Professional Development)

*Indiana Title 4 Innovative Programs Grant--$40,000 (Wolverine Enterprises)

*Indiana Department of Education Digital Learning Grant--$50,000 (Project Lead the Way Programs in Biomedical Sciences and Computer Science)

*Indiana Governor's Office--GEERS Grant--$169,491 (Student/Staff Technology Equipment)

*Homeland Security Safe Schools Grant--$35,000 (School Resource Officer)

*Indiana Criminal Justice Institute Safe Haven Grant--$10,000 (TBRI Professional Development)

*Greene County Community Foundation Communities Grant--$25,000 (Wolverine Enterprises)

*Greene County Community Foundation Covid-19 Relief Grant--$10,000 (Recover Student Fee Deficits)

*Federal E-rate II Internet Construction Grant--$268,611 (Complete Worthington Internet Line)

*State of Indiana Technology Grant--$28,000 (Complete Worthington Internet Line)

*State of Indiana Matching Technology Grant for Internet Construction--$28,000 (Complete Worthington Internet Line)

*State of Indiana Workforce Development "Next Level Programs" Planning Grant--$5,000 (Wolverine Enterprises)

Our WRVSD private grant award earnings amount for this past year is $1,187,102. These grants help us to provide programs and equipment to our students and staff at absolutely no cost to the taxpayers of our district. We appreciate the work of school staff as we continue to look for ways to supplement district revenues to build unique program offerings and opportunities for our students!

School Board to Study Facilities Improvement Plan; Public Input Welcomed

The Board of Education of the White River Valley School District will meet in a public work session on Monday, November 16th in the Wolverine Center (library) at White River Valley High School to begin updating a facilities plan that was put into place in 2015. Ninety-five percent of that facilities update plan has been completed to date, and the Board will look to update the plan to include dealing with many "end of life" issues in equipment and HVAC systems. The Board will also look at how our facilities match-up with curricular programs improvements as we look to the future. The public work session will be held following the regular public session meeting of the board, which begins at 6PM.

*November Public Session Board Meeting--6PM

*Education Fund Additional Appropriations Hearing--6:50PM

*Board Public Work Session to Discuss Facilities Planning--Following the Hearing (approx 7PM)

These three meetings are open to the public. Face coverings are mandatory.

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Wolverine Enterprises Are Nearing Launch

White River Valley High School's new student-run businesses program continues to grow as the program nears the ability to launch community-wide. The pandemic has certainly delayed some of our business programs from launching, but students and staff are nearing the grand opening launch in all areas. Business operations are already underway in the student logistics team program as students are working on marketing tools and strategies for the launch of the program as a whole. Seniors Edan Martin (CEO) and Katryna Zimmerly (CFO) are leading the Logistics Team.

The advanced manufacturing production program--led by Mr. Charles Hancock and student manager Garrett Sloan--is already up-and-running. The program is taking orders on rocking chairs and TV tables. If interested, community members can contact the program at wesales@wrv.k12.in.us.

The Agriculture Power and Production businesses are also online. The two businesses are led by Mr. Sam Zuckschwerdt and student manager Mattie Thrasher. Lettuce and eggs are being produced on the production side. Orders can be made through calling 812-659-2274 Ext. 437 or by email via wesales@wrv.k12.in.us. On the agriculture power side, welding projects and other small agricultural-based projects can be completed. If you have needs in this area, don't hesitate to contact Wolverine Enterprises.

Wolverine Precision Machining is under the direction of Mr. Matt Birt and student manager Jadon Rogers. This business is already online and producing projects of all types using design processes and our own CNC machine and other design equipment. If you have needs in this area, please don't hesitate to contact this division at Ext. 437 or wesales@wrv.k12.in.us.

Other areas launching soon include Wolverine Frozen Feast, led by Mrs. Betsy Misner and student manager Lexi Fulford; Wolverine Printing Services, led by Mr. Matt Birt and student manager Wesley Axe; and Fine Arts and Design, led by Miss Jessica Pemberton and student manager Shawnnee Easterwood.

This unique "hands-on" learning program is teaching students direct skills in the individual programs, soft skill development that local businesses are coveting, creative problem-solving skills that students will need to be successful in life. We look forward to being able to hold an Open House soon to help showcase our new program and give the community an opportunity to experience our offerings.

Wolverine Enterprises is under the direction of an Executive Board that includes local business participants, school board members, and school staff.