Elementary Tech Bytes

Week of February 20

Tell Your Story

In education, we often hear people say, if we don't tell our own story, someone else will tell their version for us. Further, when parents ask their students about what happened at school that day, there are times when they may not receive a full explanation or even a simple "nothing" response. We also know that not every newsletter we send home with a student arrives at its destination.

There are many fantastic things happening daily in Anderson's classrooms. It is important that these stories are shared with families as well as the community. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of social media. Benefits of sharing information through social media include:

  • Most parents are on either Facebook or Twitter.
  • Easily share pictures and videos
  • Immediate outlet for sharing information
  • Increases extended family involvement

To learn how to setup your class Twitter account and Facebook page, access the Tell Your Story on-demand learning module in Canvas by clicking on the icon above. Andrea is also available to provide support, as needed. Upon completion of the module, your class social media accounts will be setup, and you will earn the Tell Your Story badge with 2 PGP points attached.
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Twitter Accounts to Follow

Begins Week of March 6

Topic for the Week: Creating Classroom Assessments in Canvas

Schedule: During Prep Time

  • Monday-Anderson Elementary and Valley Grove
  • Tuesday-Edgewood and Eastside
  • Wednesday-Tenth Street and Erskine