Bullets & Ballots

Role Of The U.S.

I myself was a member of The United States Of America, and I must admit that we played a big role in this game. Considering we are the most powerful nation in the world, and there were several motives driving us to gain our aims, my group made a great influence on the stimulation.

Our Intentions

The first thing my group observed was a memorandum stating that Cuba had given the Guerrillas a said amount of military strength units. It had only made sense since our relationship with Cuba wasn't at it's strongest point. After reading that we had unofficially set a sanction on the Guerrillas; we decided not to help the Guerrillas or any of their allies in a way. Then the Army & Wealthy came to us, explained their situation with the Guerrillas and asked for an alliance. We clearly accepted and from then on in the game, we made all our efforts to take down the Guerrillas; or at least keep them under control. At one point we invaded and put the power back into the Army & Wealthy's hands. We played the role of the world's controlling power. Whatever we didn't like, we could change, no matter what. Americans don't like communism and when the Guerrillas set that as the new government we decided to step back in. The U.S. set Guatemala back as a democracy but it had limits.