Chains By: Laurie Halse Anderson

By: Gladys Valero

Isabel Gardener former Sal Lockton

To me it seems that Isabel is a mature and responsible young lady who is caring, brave, and very intelligent. Isabel is also a thirteen-year-old African American was captured and taken to the United states to be a slave. Her mom and dad were both captured and taken to the US to work as slaves. From what I read Isabel always cares for her younger sister Ruth and she still cared when Ruth was taken from her. When Isabel and Ruth were sold to the Locktons Isabel made sure Ruth was okay and always stayed by Ruth or at least tried after they had been sold. When Mrs. Mary passed and the men came to take Isabel and Ruth, Isabel spoke out! She planted her feet firmly on the ground and told them that she was free and that she saw the will. She wasn't afraid to speak out and argue, she fought for her freedom. Back then if slaves argued they were punished. Although that didn't work she still tried, she was brave enough to argue. Isabel is also very sneaky! After what Curzon told her she thought about it found away to sneak out of the house after dark. And at the end when she leaves lady Seymours she quietly grabs the food and the money and heads out. And when she goes to get Curzon out of the cell she says that he's "dead" and takes him with her. Isabel is very mature, caring, brave, and sneaky. I think Isabel is a very unique character! I really enjoyed reading the book Chains.
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Vacation Items!

I know that Isabel is very mature and a responsible young lady so, if she were to go on vacation she would take useful things! Other than Ruth, her clothes, shoes, a blanket, etc. I believe that she would take money/coins. Money so that she could buy whatever it is she needs or wants. Second, I think she would/or could take a book. She knows how to read since Mrs.Mary taught her, so why not relax and read a good book? And third I think she would take something that reminded her of her momma or Ruth. She loves and always cared for her family. After all she did take momma's seeds when they were about to be sold. That's what I think she would take with her on vacation.