Local Community Solar Farms

- Share Clean Energy Today for a Better Tomorrow -

ShareCleanEnergy.org wants to pay you $64,000, if you allow us install a Solar Farm...on your property.

Do you have 1/2 acre and a 3 phase utility meter already connected to the local electrical grid? Well if you do, then we want to hear from you. Share Clean Energy is easy to do and right now you can get paid for it too.

If your site qualifies, our solar partners will pay you $3,200 rental income per year for the next 20 years to lease about 1/2 acre and develop a small "Solar Farm" on your property. That is $64,000 net profit over 20 years for land that you are probably not earning anything from right now.

100% of the clean, renewable energy produced from your solar farm is distributed thru the local electrical grid and used throughout your local community. This is call (LDPV) or local distributed solar. LDPV creates local jobs, saves us all a ton of money and eliminates the local utility company from having to upgrade their distribution lines or make costly improvements. And we know the only way to pay for those improvements is by raising electric rate to folks like you and me. LDPV is sustainable and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels which is a no brainer.

Right now, there are renewable energy programs sponsored by your local utility company and the California Public Utility Commission that encourage LDPV. Yes you read that correct. So what are you waiting for? Your neighbors will love you for giving them clean renewable solar energy and your wallet will love you for it too.

Help your community, help yourself. Use clean, renewable solar power produced from your property and our partners will pay you for it. Become a Solar Hero in your community.

To learn more, go to ShareCleanEnergy.org.


Now through Labor Day, get an extra $500 bonus by referring us to your neighbors who sign up for the Share Clean Energy "Solar Farm" program. And if you qualify, we can even install a residential solar system for you saving you tons of money. Terms apply.

- Share Clean Energy Solar Hero Team