CTS Snapshot


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Welcome to our new CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Stars of the week

  • Mrs Reynolds would like to thank all Year 11 students for their commitment during the mock exams this week.
  • Rachel and Mason 8C - nominated by Mr Gourlay for their fantastic hard work on the embedded systems project in Computing.
  • Katie 8C - nominated by Mr Gourlay for her independent creation of a fitness tracker using Micro:bit.
  • Keali 10C - nominated by Miss Longhurst for her hard work in History.
  • Jake 11C - nominated by Miss Fenner for his excellent hard work and contribution in English.
  • Alice 11C, Macey 11S and Vanessa 11C - nominated by Mr Cox for their excellent work in Drama.
  • Natalie 11T and Kane 11C - nominated by Mr Cox for the consistant hard work on their Science coursework.
  • Tyler 9C - nominated by Mr Cox for his hard work on atomic structure and general helpfulness.
  • Rainers 9T - for his great attitude to learning in Science.
  • Luc 10S - nominated by the Science team for his excellent grade in the recent CB6 test.
  • Mr Cox would like to nominate all students who have welcomed Mr McDonnell to the Science team and helped him to settle in.
  • Tyler 11S, Kane 11C, Kriss, 11C, Charlotte 11S, Aaron 11S, Kara, 11T, Liam, 10C, Cory 10C, Aidan 9T and Martyna 9T - have all been nominated by Mrs Wagner-Lees for their hard work and exceptional efforts in German.
  • Rachel 8C - nominated by Mr Harley for her excellent demonstration in Design and Technology, demonstrating to the class how to mark wood using a try square and then how to safely use the tenon saw. A future DT teacher in the making!


  • Anjali 8C has nominated Mr Wilson for his fun and engaging English lessons.
  • 8T have nominated Miss Fenner for being a great form tutor.
  • Miss Longhurst would like to nominate Mr Bidwell, Mr Rogers, Mr Lee, Miss Bridges and Mr Wilson for their help and support with her recent project.
  • Mr Bidwell and Miss Bridges have been nominated by 9T for their engaging lessons.
  • Mr Chatfield and Mr Lee have been nominated by students for being supportive and understanding.

Celebration of Student Work


  • Wednesday 1st February - Year 10 Parent/Carer Consultation Evening.
  • Wednesday 8th February - Year 9 - Parent/Carer Consultation Evening.