By: Julian

Concrete expressions

She likes to eat a lot of spicy and mexican food. She likes to wear sports clothes and dresses. Her and her family like to play sports for fun. And she lives inside of a house inside of a neighborhood.

Recognized Behaviors

They greet people they know by kissing them on the cheek and if they don't know them they shake their hands. She celebrates some spanish holidays like Cinco De Mayo, Day Of Dead, and Kid Day. A visitor would be gretted different ways if they knew them they would kiss them on the cheek and if they didn't then they would shake their hand.

Excplicit Beliefs

Gender roles are persieved equally. She has to clean her room and take out the trash and wash the dishes, pretty muchh all the usual chores.


She has two sibling. She is close to extended family. Her favourite types of music are pop and rap. Her feelings on education are good. She likes to draw. She likes to watch comedy and action movies.