November 15, 2015



This past week has been a whirlwind. As you know we have been approved as an ESL program campus. With this program change there have been adjustments in class structures. Change is not always easy, but it can bring forth new opportunities for success. I ask that we stand together as a team to support each other and our students through this transition. Our students are resilient and can adapt if we set the framework through our words and actions. All decisions and considerations are to our students' benefit. As a community we have the power to make any and all changes make us stronger! I want to express my sincerest and most humble thank you for your commitment to our students success. The administrative team and specialists will work directly with teachers, staff, students, and parents as we transition into an ESL program campus.

Below is a familiar quote (from RGE) that I found inspirational during trying times:

We Possess the Power to Make a Change for We were not Built to Break!


Sponsored by Tracey Granger

Are Your Students Learning with Learning.com?

Thank you teachers for helping your students become 21st century learners with Learning.com! You are doing a great job with having your students log into Learning.com and increasing your student’s skill knowledge of the computer. However, Learning.com has much more to offer than just touch typing! Learning.com teaches our students about social media, surfing the web, and internet safety in a fun and interactive way. It also teaches the students how to use the features in Microsoft Office applications, which will assist you when you are doing projects on the computer. There are many lessons for every grade level to help the students increase their skills in a self-paced way. The great thing is that each grade level builds from the previous grade level. Here are just a few lessons that the students will work with in each grade level.


  • Identifying the letter, and number keys

  • How to use the shift, tab, symbols and enter keys

  • How to select, drag, and double-click

First Grade

  • Creating Documents

  • Formatting Text

  • Grouping and Labeling

Second Grade

  • Windows and Controls

  • Toolbars and Menus

  • Software

Third Grade

  • Cyberbullying

  • Mobile Devices

  • Online Searching

Fourth Grade

  • Proofreading and Editing

  • Evaluating and Presenting

  • Sourcing and Ethics

Fifth Grade

  • Web Browsing and URLs

  • Sending and Responding to Email Messages

  • Digital Collaboration

Learning.com would be a Great tool for the students to work on during the Thanksgiving Break!

Learning.com works on multiple devices!