International space station

By Ian, Matthew, Jordan, and Nick

What is International Space Station

The international space station is a space craft that orbits around the earth and serves a home for astronauts.
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How old is it

The first part of space station was lunched in 1998 soon other people added parts to the station and nasa added the finishing touches to the ship.
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How big is the space station

The space station is as big inside as a house with five bedrooms. It has two bathrooms, a gymnasium and a big bay window.
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What Are the Parts of the Space Station?

The space station has many parts. The parts are called modules. The first modules had parts needed to make the space station work.
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Why Is the Space Station Important?

The space station is a home in orbit. People have lived in space every day since the year 2000. The space station's labs are where crew members do research.
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Why is the space station being built