First CRC Weekly

May 2 - May 8

Our Mission: To Glorify God by making More and Better Disciples

From the Office

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this week's CRC newsletter! Here you will find time-sensitive announcements, events, service schedules, offering schedules, and prayer list. I will send these out at the end of each week. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

In Christ,

Nancy - Church Office Administrator

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SUNDAY, May 2 - 9:30am

This Sunday text: Matthew 9:1-8 - The "Master's" Touch -

The Forgiveness Controversy

LiveStream options are available on Facebook, our Church Website, or via Boxcast (Roku/Apple TV) and Podcast.

The Sunday morning is the first one in May and that means we will be observing Holy Communion together as a congregation. We will be outside on the lawn. We still have the "all-in-one" units available so we will invite your indulgence and use these up before we return to a more traditional presentation. There will be three stations and you will be invited to one of them and partake of both elements before returning to your seats. Please take the time between now and then to attend to any strained relationships you might have so as to be free of guilt while participating in this sacrament.

Hanford CRC Podcast!

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Find our Hanford CRC Channel on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or Online direct from your favorite mobile device.


We have restarted offering Sunday morning Coffee & Snacks both before and after worship...and it has been received so well! We have been longing for the fellowship, coffee, & snacks for over a year and we are so appreciative that we are able to offer this again...BUT we need your help. We are looking for all ages to help prepare, set-up, serve, and clean up. We are thinking of asking people to commit to serving once or twice in a month that works for them. This could be Life Groups, families, Youth Group, Children's Ministries, etc. It does not take a lot of work, especially if there are several people there to serve, and it goes a long way to serve God and His people.

Marianne Wilgenburg and Hannah Zonneveld have graciously agreed to coordinate this ministry...Yay and Thank you! If you are interested, please contact Marianne as soon as possible and she will get you scheduled and get you details about serving. You can contact Marianne at 559.707.9855 or or Hannah at 559.839.4515 - they welcome emails, textx, and calls! We are currently working on a quick reference guide that will be available to all who will be helping out. This will give you a lot of suggestions as to how to provide the Coffee & Snacks. Thank you for prayerfully considering being a part of this important ministry!


One of our primary goals at Hanford CRC is to reach out and connect with our surrounding Monroe Community and, especially, the Elementary School across the street. We feel God has physically placed us here to connect with our neighbors. We are so grateful for the many efforts and relationships begun over these past several years and, especially, the recent connection that Stephanie Yang, our Director of Children's Ministries, has made by providing encouragement by delivering donuts to them on Fridays. Like the boy who provided a few fish and a couple of loaves of bread that fed thousands, God has used this simple, yet heartfelt, act to touch many hearts at the school. Hearts, like so many this past year, that have found it arduous and difficult to do what they feel called to do.

In addition to the continued offering of donuts, we would like to encourage the teachers, faculty, and staff of Monroe Elementary with a big "thank you" through, well, a BIG card. Please stop by the table with the card on it before or after worship this Sunday to sign and, even, give a word of encouragement. We would love this jumbo-sized card to be filled with jumbo-sized love and support!

children's ministry updates

Children's Worship Team: We're up and running again, praise God. Thank you volunteers! So far all of the volunteers we have are women. We really could use a few men in this ministry. It's very important that young children see "dad" type figures talking about and singing to our Lord and savior. So, how about it guys? Oh, and we could really benefit from having representation from our more seasoned citizens up there as well. The church consists of four generations and getting children to recognize that is vital.


THANK YOU to all who came out to the Hymn Sing last Sunday evening and to all who helped lead. We enjoyed the gifts of Judy Kamper on organ, Elsie Barba and Dave Johnson on piano, David Kohr on guitar, and Shelaine Goebel, David Kohr, and Pastor Vince leading songs for about 50 people. Thank you to Marlene & Grace VanderMoren and Judy Kamper (as well as others) who provided refreshments and snacks afterwards. What a wonderful night celebrating and singing great songs of our faith. Mark your calendars: our next Hymn Sing is tentatively schedule for July 25th at 5:00pm in the Sanctuary.

Associate Pastor Search

Please continue to pray for the "associate pastor search team". We interviewed our second candidate this past Wednesday and will be interviewing a third candidate this week Wednesday. The team members are as follows: Bill Tos, Robet Butts, Elizabeth deJong, Kelly Bekedam, Jeff Tos, Dave Kohr, Vince Godfrey, Rachel Schroeder, Jarret Zonneveld, Shalaine Goebel and Pastor Lambert. Jarret and Elizabeth are our primary interviewers, the rest of us join in the conversation when their portion is completed. Things are going very well in this process. Thank you for your prayers to date.

Open Door Community Church

Open Door Community Church has spun off a "Recovery-Ministry" program called "Active Transitions". The first clients have moved in and are beginning the long process of trying, by God's grace, to get their lives back in order. Please pray that the Lord bless this ministry and the folks being assisted through it. By the way, if anyone has a pick-up they would like to donate to the ministry it would be put to very good use. The ministry now participates in a very robust food distribution program and could really benefit having at least a 3/4 ton vehicle to move several pallets of food per week to various other shelters and care facilities in the Stockton area. Please contact Pastor Lambert if you would like to help out this ministry in this regard.

camp jubilee - summer 2021


When: June 7-11

Where: Hartland Christian Camp

Who: All Valley High Schoolers

Cost: $400 - Camperships are available

Register online today!



  • New City Catechism of the Week: Does Christ’s death mean all our sins can be forgiven?
  • Common Ground Youth Group -
  • GEMS - Wednesday, 6:30-8pm



Monday: Gerrit deJong

Tuesday: Robert Hicke, Jonathan & Briana Green

Wednesday: Eneke Vandersteen

Thursday: Rick Koelewyn, Darrell Kootstra

Friday: Brody Olander

Saturday: Nellie Goebel, Case Kamper

Saturday: Barbara van Heeringen


Common Ground is made of co-ed youth in grades nine through twelve. Please contact Shonie Holt at (559-936-3360) for more information.

Middle School Ministry is made of co-ed youth in grades seven and eight.

Cadets is a program for boys in third through sixth grade. Please contact Dave Danielson at (559-381-6215) for more information

GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior) is a program for girls in third through sixth grade. Please contact Martha Valdez at (619-471-4014) for more information.


Special Offerings:

This week: Benevolence

Next week: CASA

General Fund Report of Offerings and gifts:

Approved budget for fiscal year 2020/2021 - $881,400

($73,450 needed per month to make budget)

General fund offerings through March 31, 2021 - $526,374 (we reached 59.7% of our 2020/21 budget)

General Fund expenses through March 31, 2021 - $337,157 (we spent 38.3% of our 2020/21 budget)

Giving is available online 24/7 at Video and Written Instruction links will be provided for your convenience.

  • Feel free to mail your donations to the church office (2175 Leoni Drive, Hanford, CA 93230)
  • Cash donations will be accepted during normal office hours only (M-TH 7:30 AM–3:00 PM)

If you are writing a check to the church, the bank has requested that all checks be made payable to the First Christian Reformed Church of Hanford. If the checks are made payable to another name they may be rejected.

Want to save time and hassle? Check out our Online Giving program at or ask a Deacon for assistance. Thank you for your continued support.


Click here to go to our online donation portal

Our Church Family

Big picture



Helen Schilder - home recovering quite well from recent stroke

David Danielson - recovery from open heart surgery

Please pray for Tony and Kelly Bekedam and their family as they mourn the loss of Tony’s grandmother, Evelyn Bekedam, (former member of Hanford CRC) who passed away on April 29, she was almost 97 years old. There will be a viewing at 10am at Deegans in Ripon and the Burial will be at Noon at the Ripon Cemetery on Monday May 3.


Romans 12:10 says, "Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves." It can be easy to forget about those that we don't see each week. We hope that you take some time to visit, send cards, and pray for these members of our family:

Joan Audrain, Bob Carvalho, Norm Galloway, Richard & Marilyn Maccagno, Helen Schilder, Dan & Janet Slootweg (living in their own home)

Martha Chandler (Alice Manor in Fowler)

Janet Henshaw (Lemoore Elderly Apts)

Helen Noland (The Remington)

Jeanette Stout, Corrie Vennema (Valley Christian Home)

Linda Reenders (Palm Village in Reedley)


Jill Smith (Janice Hofmans sister) undergoing hormone chemotherapy


Cal & Jamie Hofland and Roger & Sue Scheenstra


Stewart & Christine deJong


Jason Vryhof, Matt Morgan


GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior) is in need of volunteers. If you would like to help out with this need, please contact Martha Valdez at 619-471-4014.

Renovation Update: Potential bidders for this project are on campus from time to time measuring and taking photos in their effort present us with an accurate profile of the design and its corresponding budget. So if you see folks walking around the property with cameras and measuring tape that's what it's all about. We are eager to share the plan with you as soon as possible.

Any active member of First Christian Reformed Church of Hanford who is in need of tuition assistance for K-8th grade Hanford Christian School and/or 9th - 12th grade Central Valley Christian High School should contact Tim Thomas at 559-284-5573 or NO LATER THAN JUNE 1ST. All financial aid forms from the schools need to be filled out no later than JUNE 15th. If you are currently using the Tuition Assistance program and will continue to need assistance you also need to also contact Tim Thomas

Fabric face masks: Facemasks are available in both children and adults sizes in the church office Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 2 pm. A minimum $5 donation is asked to benefit Crossroads Pregnancy Center.

"In House" New City Catechism - All parents with at least one child between the ages of 3 and 6th grade are invited to take part in New City Catechism! Download the app (search "New City Catechism APP") on your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices. The lesson this week will be: Does Christ’s death mean all our sins can be forgiven? (week 25) Join the ‘City Catechism Discussion with First CRC’ Group on Facebook!

Did you know that you can access our congregation's Business Meeting minutes directly from our website? That's right! All approved meeting minutes from the past year for Governing Council, Ministering Elders, Ministering Deacons, and our Annual Congregational Meeting Minutes are available online. Want access? Inquire with Nancy at the office. 559-582-4423 or

serving schedules


Nursery: Heather Zonneveld, Allison Reenders

Children's Worship: Storyteller: Stephanie Yang. Helpers: Lorelei Yang, Sunny Hernandez


Nursery: Jordan Tos, Will Bekedam

Children's Worship: Storyteller: Sheri Tos. Helpers: Cheryl Zonneveld, Maegen deJong

Want to get in touch with our staff?

Lambert Sikkema, Pastor -

Vince Godfrey, Pastor of Worship and Liturgy -

Martin Sisneroz, Pastor of Assimilation and Discipleship -

Shonie Holt, High School Youth Director -

Stephanie Yang, Children's Worship Director -

Tim Thomas, Director of Technical Services -

Nancy Azevedo, Church office administrator -

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