Hello, It's Me! The Printing Press!

(I'm totally not trying to make an Adele pun.)

What was it like before I came around?

The only way of gathering and distributing information was by voice. That's stressful! Imagine trying to recite every word you heard by memory!

Where did I come into being?

The answer to that is Europe, 1452. To be more exact, Germany. Or should I say "The Holy Roman Empire" at the time. My inventor was Johann Gutenberg!

I even helped Columbus!

In 1493, Columbus sent an important letter to the Spanish Court. Eventually, the letter made it's way all the way to Rome. I then helped them produce more copies of the letter! After that, they distributed the multiple letters to various nearby cities!

How did I improve literacy in that time?

My speedy takeoff helped to reduce the prices of reading materials and documents tremendously!