Judith Ejarque Vilana and Ouiam Borkoujet


Muerde la Pasta is a restaurant for the whole family Splau Mall located in Cornella de Llobregat. We enjoy the variety of meals from Monday to Sunday from 13h to 17h and 20h to 00h.
It is famous because he is Italian and because food, local and service are well suited for the price that has the menu.
It has very kind of food from many types of salads and pizzas to meat, fish and all kinds of pasta cooked differently for everyone. There are also drinks to choose from, and the desserts are delicious, as part of select ice cream and decorate it with all the rooms you want, there are all kinds of fruit, yogurt, creeps, and much more. The food is so good that even shaped tail in, but worth it because besides, how can you eat menu again and try everything there! My favorite food is pizza and their pasta and their creeps and ice cream with chocolate and cream.

The free buffet price is 7, 95 children and adults 10, 95 and

13, 95 adults holidays.

I really recommend you go to this restaurant because it eats very well and so is perfect to go with a partner, friends or family.

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I chose a restaurant called Ristorante Tramonti 1980. It is located on the Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona. It is a very nice restaurant specializing in Italian food, but also make traditional Spanish dishes. The dish is pescatrice good curry.
You can choose open buffet for 14 euros for adults and 7.99 for children under 12 years or letter is worth about 40 euros approximated.


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