Animal Farm

Tori Putnam


Boxer is a very hard working. He would get up half hour earlier than the other animals and do whatever he felt needed to be done. He is also very determined. He was determined to build the windmill. ''I will work harder'' and ''Napoleon is always right'' are quote that Boxer would always say. Boxer said this to push himself to do better and work harder to do what was needed for the animals and the farm.

The Power/Abuse of Language

Squealer would always convince or persuade the animals that what Napoleon was doing was always right. For example, he told the animals that everything Napoleon was doing was okay, and if he wasn't doing what he supposed to do for the farm then Mr. Jones would come back. And none of the animals wanted that to happen.

Battle of the Cowshed

The Battle of the Cowshed occured, well, at the cowshed, of course. This battle was against the animals and the humans. The purpose of this battle was to run the humans off of the farm. This battle signifies the hard work and weaknesses they will overcome to maintain their freedom in the future.

Seven Commandments

This symbolizes