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With social media as the main connector in today’s world, I believe family members should take time to develop relationships with each other offline, as well as practice family literacy. From reading together to doing everyday things like cooking, baking or grocery shopping to exploring the town, visiting museums and parks and sharing stories and celebrations and traditions. These are all things that encourage parents and children to build strong family ties through the generations.

People see me as the girl next door...the friend. I believe in: being kind and working hard. My voice is friendly, humble, honest, and (mostly) practical. I strive to create real connections and friendships with my audience by sharing "normal" parts of our life with you and I'm sincerely interested in hearing from you!

Raising a teen (or three at the same time, as Chuck and I have been discovering) can be both hell and paradise in a single day. The highs are so high, and the lows are very low, so expectations for our kids are clear and, when they try to divide and conquer their father and me, consequences are swift.

Do our kids always follow the rules of our house? Heck no. Are we hard on our kids when they don’t follow the rules? Heck yes. >>>>Click here to READ this post and MORE at FindingWeProject.com<<<<

About Desiree

Hi, I'm Desiree Townsend. I use my real life stories as a mom to inspire families with teens to build strong family ties. Will you join me? Be sure to click on the button "Follow Desiree Townsend" and you'll be notified when I have news about my site or a present for my followers! A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Easily unsubscribe at any time.

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