Hurricane Sandy

The Flood That Left Everyone Speachless ....

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Date of the flood was on October 22, 2012-November 2, 2012. Location of the flood was in the Caribbean east coast. The rivers that were involved is in Cuba. They installed equipment platforms in the floor to control the flood measures that took place when hurricane sandy had happened.


It took about 2 years for the water to recede from where it happened and for everything to clear up.

Additional facts about hurricane sandy ..

- More than 12,OOO flights that day were canceled due to the hurricane.

- The cost of the whole recovery is estimated to be $50 billion.

- Over 4.8 million costumers remained without power that Thursday after the horrible hurricane.

The after math of what happened when the hurricane had stopped.

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The before and then after of the recover of hurricane sandy.

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