Trail mix


my trail mix

My trail mix consist of 1 small bag of chex mix ,half a big bag of m&ms and 1 whole bag of gronola


For 50 raisins there are 78 calories an divide that by 5 and it gives you 15.6 calories for every 10 raisins. for gronola there are 90 calories and chex mix 1 cup=181 calories so an estimated 280 calorie snack.


Raisins=131 grams of carbs,6 grams of fiber,5 grams of protein vitamin c, calcium, and iron.

In chex mix there are 37 grams of carbs,3.2 grams of fiber,And 6.3 grams of protein vitamin a&c , calcium , an iron.

1 cup of gronola = 4.53 grams of protein, 2.7 grams of fiber and vitamin e & zinc.

Food groups

The gronola is part of the grain food group.

m&ms are part of the discestionary calories or fats an oils.

chex mix consist of the grain group

meal planning elements

There are alot of dark an light grains a brownish color . some of the stuff is soft such as m&ms and some of them are hard and crunchy . not much preperation.