End of Quarter and Grades Due

The end of the Third Quarter will be Friday, March 27th. All Third Quarter Grades will be due into PowerSchool no later than Friday, April 10th. A Connect-Ed will be sent to families at 6 PM on that day informing them that grades are finalized and ready to view.

Feedback Needed

Please take a moment to complete these brief surveys to help inform the discussion of our leadership team as we plan for the 2015-16 school year. The surveys will take no more than five minutes each and I would like 100% participation. I know how busy everyone is, but would really like everyone to weigh in. Thank you so much!



Shadow Days Information (Fifth Grade Teachers)

Please review the information linked below. I have asked the 4th grade teachers to complete their portion of the spreadsheet by March 27th. You will then need to match each 4th grader with a 5th grader of the same gender. Let me or Julie Brandt know if you have any questions. THANK YOU for making shadow days a success for the 4th Graders.


Teaming Survey

Please follow this link to our Teaming Survey for 2015-16. Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential and will be used to inform our thinking as we begin the process of putting teams in place for next year.

As a reminder, we will be down by one sixth grade classroom and possibly a fifth grade as well. In general, we do not know for sure until late summer. If you are interested in considering placement in another school, let Phil know by the end of the week.

Badger 3-8 Preparation

As a reminder, you should be planning to do some practice test items with your students prior to spring break.

Phil and Kristin will be leading workshops in preparation of the Badger 3-8 on THURSDAY after school (3:20-4:00) and FRIDAY before school (7:40-8:15). Here is the AGENDA.

We will also be devoting a large portion of our April Staff Meeting to proctor training and logistical preparation for the assessment.