For Purchasing "Looking For Love"...

To Mrs. Fedrick,

1Life Music Group would like to thank you for purchasing the debut album "Looking For Love" from inspirational recording artist, 'Lyndon.' We hope and pray that this album is a blessing to you, and we ask that you share this song, and more from 'Lyndon', with your network of family and friends.

Also, we would greatly appreciate it if you could leave your very own review, or testimony, on the website from which this song was purchased, or on Lyndon's Facebook fan page.

Our goal at 1LIfe Music Group is to provide inspirational and spirit-filling music that all people can enjoy and be nourished by. Again, we hope and pray that this has been accomplished, and we hope that you share this with your family and friends.

God Bless,

1Life Music Group
Customer Service Dept.
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