Hearne, Tina.


If your asking why you should have a bunny or why I am talking about bunnies, it is because there really good with kids. They are easy to train and they’re really cute and not hard to take care of them. They are fun to have, that is why am I am talking about them?? Rabbits are very interesting animals, when you whatch them you will laugh because they do really weird and funny things.

Facts about Bunnies

Interesting facts about Bunnies

People often think rabbits are very easy to look after and that all they need to do is pop them in a hutch in the garden and feed and clean them when needed. However, this is actually very far from the truth. Nowadays, we have a far greater understanding of rabbits and there are a few things we need to recognize in order to keep them happy. Rabbits expressing aggressive behavior toward people and other pets often indicate they are in distress and suffering emotionally. There are many ways to improve the lives of rabbits. Most people have rabbits as a house pet but it is good for rabbits to be outside for a little bit so they can exercise.


Iam an expert about Rabbits because i have always been around Rabbits and i have been researching about rabbits. why?? because i love them and there really cool and there really cute.