Exploring Spain

Jaden Maul

You must go to Spain. Spain has so many delicious food like Paella ( rice, fish, meat, and seafood), Cocido ( Castillian Soup), and Tortilla espanola 9omelet with potatoes and onions). Yum!!! I'm so hungry now. But the food isn't the only good thing about Spain. Spain has some estonishing attractions. Like the Ibiza Island that has beaches, nightclubs, bars, and resturants. Or maybe you want a museum. The Prado ( Know as El Prado in Spain) is one of thye most famous museums in the world. It is up there with the Louvre and Englands National Gallery. If you decide to go to Spain go a few days before Jul.6, so you can go to San Fermin Festival. The San Fermin Festival starts off with rockets exploding from the deck of city hall and then a huge party erupts with thousands of people. Spain isn't just a beautiful place, but it has a great Basketball and Soccer team. Spain's Basketball team finished 2nd in the Olympics to Team USA. Also Spain's soccer team is ranked #1 in the WORLD!! I hope you get to experience the wonderful Spain. Adios!!!!

Religions of Spain

Currency and Exchange rate

Spains currency is the euro. If you ever take a trip to Spain, keep in mind 1 USD is 0.79 euros. Or every 1 euro is 1.30 USD


Spain is a Parlimentary Monarchy. That is shared leadership or power in government system between the Monarchy and elected constitutional leaders or the parliament.


Castillian Spanish is the official language of Spain. This Language was founded in Castille, a region in Spain. If you go to Spain here are some basics of Castillian Spanish. Hello is Hola. Good Morning is Buenos Dias. Goodbye is Adios. Thank you is Gracias. Your welcome is su bienveida. Please is Complacer. Good night is Buenas noches, and Good afternoon is Buenas tardes. Those are just some of the basics. Spainards also speak English, French, and German.