Anthony Wayne


General Anthony Wayne

He's the son of Isaac Wayne that was born in the ancestral home in Waynesborough by Philadelphia. He was apart of the anti-administration. When he was young he was sent to nearby Philadelphia to be educated at a school run by his uncle, Gabriel Wayne. He was buried at St. David's Episcopal Church. He had the nickname of Mad Anthony.

About Him

He studied to become a surveyor. He always seemed to lead his men into the hottest spots during battles. He had a legendary and fiery temperament. He was a strict disciplinarian and demanded obedience and loyalty but he was also loyal to them as well. Like Washington he led from the front line and used suprise attack which catches his opponents off gaurd. He got a serious case of gout and had a severe attack at the fort and then ended up dying from it.

Mad Anthony Wayne

He got this name because his friend Jemmy who was occasionaly used as a spy was jailed for disirderly conduct and he told the jailers to have a messenger be sent to Anthony to get him out of jail and when Anthony found out he got angered and said he would order, "29 lashes well laid on". When Jemmy heard what Anthony had to say he was shocked and said "Anthony is mad. He must be mad or he would help me. Mad Anthony, thats what he is. Mad Anthony Wayne".