Meet an explorer

by Oscat Truong

Meet the person who just explored the beautiful Daintree Rainforest! Daintree rainforest explorer Andrei Jikh has been kind enough to take some time out of his day for an interview!

Oscar: Well hello there Andrei! Nice to meet you!

Andrei: nice to meet you too!

Oscar: well, we all know that you explored the beautiful wildlife of the Daintree Rainforest!

Andrei: well yes I have!

Oscar: how was your experience?

Andrei: it was awesome thank you! I first embarked on an amazing journey on the Daintree river, where I saw the worlds oldest dinosaur, the saltwater crocodile. I also touched a poisonous insect and got up close to a cassowary. Furthermore, I came up close to a huge croc.

Oscar: What did you learn?

Andrei: Well, during my mesmerizing trip, I learnt a variety of things; from how snakes breed, the different types of plants there, how to properly identify an alligator from a crocodile and how to get up close to a cassowary.

Oscar: how much fun did you have?

Andrei: Well I had a lot of fun! I took many photos and had a lot of funny conversations. The place we stayed at was phenomenal. There were cosy beds and refreshing showers. Furthermore, the guides showed me around and we had a BIG feast altogether. I had never had this much fun since I was a teenager.

Oscar: what animals did you touch?