1984 Book 3

Switch up the way you are reading it might be fun!

1984 Activity #5

There are a lot of conflicting ideas running around 1984 CLICK HERE for the voicethread where you will record what some of your conclusions are on these issues.

1984 Final Project

We starting reading 1984 by watching Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" where a society allowed, against their will, a government where they had the control to randomly stone a member of the community, and encouraged the children to be a part of their own parents death (just as the parents would have to stone their own children if they had been chosen).
Similar historical events in WWII, right. Similar to events in 1984 including the use of children by the government. Now that you have read 1984. Read Orwell's letter again CLICK HERE . Your final task is to write Orwell a letter in reply to his letter. Yes, it should start out "Dear Mr. Orwell". Your letter needs to either agree or disagree with his thesis that we are headed toward a socialist government.
  • Reference both the letter he wrote as well as specific examples in the novel (must contain at least 8 references).
  • Must follow correct formal letter format (you can use Orwell's letter as an example)
  • Must have a clear "agree" or "disagree" stance.
  • Must have a clear understanding of what Orwell believes throughout 1984 and his letter.

CLICK HERE to turn it in (Make sure your SHARE settings on Google doc is "anyone with the link"

Weekly Checklist