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Best Portion Control Tools For The Kitchen(:

What Are The Portions Sizes???

To eyeball your portions is not an exact science but it can be done. The size of your fist is about one serving of veggies. Your meat or protein should be about the size of your palm. A serving of dried fruit or nuts should be about the size of an egg, a serving of ice cream is about the size of a tennis ball.

Do some research!!(:

Do some research on the recommended calories and nutrition you need . Unless you or a family member you cook for has severe heath problems that requires food measurement you do not need to go over board. But you may want to understand how many servings of what someone needs for their size. For example an adult man may need two servings of vegetables while a small child may only need one.

More info!!

Even when eating healthy meals, it is easy just to put food on a plate and eat it till its gone, without deciding if you are really needing the food or not. Many adults as well as kids are programed to finish their plate, even if the portion was to big or not. The Healthy step portion control serving set helps you serve recommended portions of a cooked meal without making a big deal about it.