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Students and families of ISOK - Thank you for choosing ISOK as your school of choice!

There's a lot going on! Please read the news and updates below!

We are excited to welcome some new students and families who are starting with us this week! The first week of school for a new student always begins with Strong Start procedures, including Live Orientation, Course Orientations, Star360 Math and Reading Assessments, and getting to know your school staff! To those joining us this week, welcome to our school!

This week and next week also include Parent-Teacher conferences. Teachers will be available Tuesday 9/14 6-8pm, Thursday 9/16 6-8pm, and Thursday 9/23 from 8am-12pm. Please join us during any of these times to collaborate with us and check on the progress of your students! More information is below!

Have a great week!

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Upcoming Important Dates

9/14 6-8pm - Parent-Teacher Conference

9/16 6-8pm - Parent-Teacher Conference

9/23 8am-12pm - Parent Teacher Conference

9/23 12pm-5pm - No School

9/24 - No School

Student COVID Positive or Close Contact Survey

We ask that students who have tested positive for COVID or have had close contact take a few minutes to complete the Survey.

We are required by law to track and report information on staff and students who have tested positive for COVID or have had close contact.

If you have tested positive or had close contact since school began on August 10th – or test positive throughout the year – we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Teachers will be available in live CC to meet with students and parents regarding progress so far this year. The Conference schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 9/14 6-8pm

Thursday 9/16 6-8pm

Thursday 9/23 from 8am-12pm (school closes at 12pm and is closed Friday 9/24)

Please join us during any of these times to collaborate with us and check on the progress of your students! The invitations will be in the student and LC's CC schedule.

Normal Night School classes will be cancelled on these evenings, but students in Night School are still encouraged to work on their assignments.

The school's resource coordinators and Social Emotional counselor will also be available for a Meet and Greet session to get to know families who'd like to meet them. The links to the Meet and Greets are below:

September 14-

September 16-

September 23-

Small Group Invitations

Teachers are beginning to review Star360 assessments to evaluate proficiency levels of each student. Built into the mornings our daily schedule are Small Group times, during teachers will provided targeted interventions to students based on skill gaps revealed by the assessment data.

If you have an invitation in the morning to Small Group session, please do your best to join and participate in those required sessions. Our goal is to work with you to help you improve in the areas where you may need help! Please take advantage of these opportunities, so that we may help you become the best version of yourself!

Just because you are not invited this week does not mean you will not be invited in the future. Please keep an eye on your inbox and on your CC schedule to see these invitations. Thank you!

Want Information on our Various Pathways (Night School, Focus Phoenix, Traditional, CBE Boot Camp, etc.)?

Would you like to learn about our many different ways you can earn credits and graduate? Open the following attachment to learn about our Pathway Options at ISOK HS! Speak to your counselor if you'd like to take advantage of any of our unique options!

Are You Interested in Night School?

Did you know ISOK HS has a Night School program? Students in this program work on courses in Edmentum while attending live support sessions with teachers in the evenings. Does this interest you?

Please understand that the school is providing teachers to support you during the evenings, so it is important that you commit to attending and participating for the evenings on which you sign up. Please do not sign up if you do not intend to participate regularly.

Please reach out to your counselor if you are interested!

Interested in Joining Student Council?

Click Here to Learn about StuCo and Sign Up!

The Hub

Click here to view ISOK's Website, where all information about the school and district can be found! Select High School and dig through our information!

Oklahoma's Promise Information

Click here to learn about and see if you qualify for Oklahoma's Promise!

ISOK Truancy Explained – Click Here

Want to know more about ISOK truancy and attendance procedures? Check out this resource!

ISOK Student Resources Instructions

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of all programs and platforms ISOK students use!

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Did You Know?

Stride has a Spanish version of their website:

Stride has a Spanish version of the Parent Portal:

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