Strong against the weak

"The strong prey on the weak, its just the way things are"

The scene of a lifetime- Bar scene

Saturday, Nov. 20th 2145 at 8pm

Pandora, Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Napier, Hawke's Bay

Not only is this scene an extra special scene, kept away from the eyes of the public in the cinema screenings but it also brings a great message and clear image of the strong preying on the weak. The scene shows Jake standing up for a weak lady being preyed on in a bar which lands Jake in some serious trouble. He just cant walk away from a good bar fight.

In the film

The idea of strong preying on the weak is first showed early on in the film with the bar fight scene. This shows that even in a crowded public place this idea can still exist. A voice over by Jake even states "No one does a damn thing and that's just the way things are" This idea continues in the film when the humans are steamrolling the Na'vi's forest and their arrows cannot even pierce the glass of the armored vehicles.

In real life

This idea of the strong preying on the weak is showed clearly in real life situations such as in school where bigger, stronger children pick on smaller, weaker children. Other examples of this in history are stories such as David and Goliath. Where the huge Goliath attempts to pick on the small David.

Directors purpose

The director- James Cameron- wants us to understand how humans have lost there empathy for others and their general good nature. He wants us to understand how in real life most people do not care about the less fortunate. By shedding light on this issue and making us side with the Na'vi, he is getting the audience to think about this problem and potentially change our ways