iCan Integrate Technology

Adding Technology Tools to your Coaching Toolbox

Mix and mingle and investigate to integrate technology. Learn about the SAMR model and how it's used to evaluate technology's impact on teaching and learning. Leave the meeting with a personal webmix of the latest and greatest technology for your coaching toolbox.

Joint PIIC & Tech Coaches' Meeting

Friday, Dec. 18th, 9am-12pm

6 Danforth Drive

Easton, PA

The joint meeting will take place in the DLC at IU20. Please bring an electronic device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to the meeting. Light refreshments will be available and additional snacks are always welcomed. Lunch will not be served. There is an optional virtual meeting pertaining to the K'Nex Challenge at the conclusion of the Joint Coaches' Meeting.

Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching

PIIC’s Mission: To support instructional coaching which helps teachers strengthen instructional practice, increase student engagement, and improve student learning. www.instituteforinstructionalcoaching.org and www.pacoaching.org