February 3

Lab day


  • Ed tech in action
  • Edcafe
  • Pinterest
  • Work on project
  • Due Friday

Edtech in action

Please search Twitter and/or Pinterest to find edtech in action. I want you find something that relates to students being producers or creators with educational technology. Share what you found by:

  1. Retweeting or pinning it
  2. Tell a friend and him/her what you found

Edcafe chat

  • An edcafe is student led sessions about a specific Danielson component.
  • Each guild is assigned an edcafe to lead.
  • Your guild is responsible for leading 3 stations about a component.
  • Each station must have a 10 minute activity/content presentation
  • You must describe the component (what is, why it is important, each element, and how you can show it)
  • You must also do an activity with your small group

If your guild is not leading an edcafe then you will be rotating to different stations.

EdCafe : Students in Charge of a Corner of their Universe


Edcafe content will be posted today for ALL edcafes. Please note dates that you are leadingn an edcafe.

You must have 10 minutes of content planned for each breakout session. Decide who will lead each breakout session based on the components. During your break out session you must cover:

· what the component is

· why it is important

· elements

· possible artifacts.

Structure for the ed café:

8:00-8:06 students arrive to curriculum library take their seats and get a pastry (Dr. F will provide pastries). Students will also form into their guilds so they can travel from 1 concurrent session to another.

8:07-8:17 – Rotation 1

8:18 – Guilds 1, 2, and 3 will travel to next station travel to next station

8:19-8:29 – Rotation 2

8:30 Guilds 1, 2, and 3 will travel to next station travel to next station

8: 31-8:41 – Rotation 3

8:42 Everyone gets back to the larger group

8:43 –8:50 Session leaders will share out in 2 minutes or less a few main points from their session.

Please let me know if you need any assistance – I am happy to help.

Edcafe leaders

Edcafe 1 - 2/8 1A, 1C, and 1E- Breakfast club

Edcafe 1 - 2/8 1A, 1C, and 1E - Las Maestras & Wordsworths

Edcafe 2 - 2/22 Component 2A & 2B "Tech"nically the best

Edcafe 2 2/22 Component 2A & 2B Teaching ninjas & Technolonijas

Edcafe 3 3/16 Component 3E Tech Suppport

Edcafe 3 3/16 Component 3E Bomb squad

Edcafe 4 4/27 Component 4b, 4d, 4e, 4f True Grit & Unanimous Dinosaurs

Edcafe 4 4/27 Component 4b, 4d, 4e, 4f Mathletes & Silent Assassins

Pinterest group board

I will be around for you to input your email account that you used to sign up for your Pinterest account

  • You will be able to add to our group EDUC 204 TOI board.
  • Be sure to add 5 pins to our group board (as per Pinterest test rubric)

Make time valuable for you - work on:

  • Google form for virtual co-op due Friday
  • Work on embedding your google form into your write up page - as per synthesis & test rubric
  • Google form write up (Synthesis and Test) due Friday
  • Start on Quest 9 - digital worksheets
  • Work on digital portfolio - home, about, clearances, contact, etc.
  • Get pinning

Due Friday

  • Quest 8 Component 1B/ Student interest survey Test due
  • Quest 9 - component 1F- Questions & Understanding
  • What have you pinned lately? Don’t forget about Quest 7 - keep up with Pinterest!