Tuesday's Tech Tip!

Using Padlet in the classroom


Padlet is an online graffiti wall where teachers and students can have discussions, share web links, post notices, collect feedback, or watch and share videos. Padlet accounts are free and you can make as many walls as you like. Students do not have to create an account to post on your walls. The notes you post can contain links, videos, images, and document files.

Classroom Implications

Padlet can be used in many different brainstorming activities or discussions where participation can be active rather than passive for all students. Some suggestions for using padlet in the classroom are:

· K-W-L charts for pre and post assessment

· use as a formative assessment tool to check for student understanding

· place a sentence starter on a wall and allow students to complete with their own ideas

· allow students to ask questions about topics or assignments

· use a wall for group research projects to share ideas and web addresses

· showcase student work

· use to collect feedback or as a ticket out the door

Padlet users can control the privacy settings and also can choose to moderate comments and approve before they appear.

How to use Padlet

Website: www.padlet.com

Task #1: Create a free Padlet account by clicking here.

Task #2: Create your own wall by giving it a title, description and choosing a background.

Task #3: Review the resources section for ideas on how to use Padlet in the classroom.

Additional Ideas for using Padlet in the classroom