Material and Safety Data Sheet


Crucial Info

Element Name: Furtogen

Atomic Mass: 0.0521631 metric tons

Symbol: Ft

Discoverer: Mrs. Debessay and Mr. Yemane

Highly Concentrated Deposits in... Libraries, Cupboards underneath stairs, home alone

Low Concentrations in... crowded places, McDonalds, outdoors

Secret Powers: None revealed so far

Physical Properties

Surface Properties: Brown skin, hair & eyes, plus wings that only other non humans can see

Boils When... I notice people being unnecessarily rude

Melts If... I hear "Uptown Funk" on more time

Happy when... I have a chance to get enough sleep :)

Sad when... I have to choose between sleep or phone time :/

Cranky when... I end up not getting enough sleep :(

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when... I'm being bossed around

Will Flip out if... I hear offensive slurs or phrases

WARNING: Can cause extreme sarcasm if annoyed

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by: bigoted people, animal by products

Is attracted to: open minded people, terrible ideas

May explode spontaneously when: loses important things like pencils, children, motivation in life

Requires copious amounts of: coffee, food, relaxation, alone time

Is inert if: tired, depressed

Will repel: boring people, whiny people, judgemental people

Is impervious to: weirdness, almost everything else affects me