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We will first send a notice of your complaint (notice that a lawsuit is being pursued) to the Defendant (the person you are suing).

A summons will follow letting the defendant know when they are to appear in court in front of a judge.

Once the summons has been sent to the defendant, pleadings will follow. The pleadings are when the defendant will have a chance to answer to the charges. They will either admit to them or provide reasons they are not valid.

A pre-trial conference will also take place before proceeding any further.

This is where both parties meet with the judge to make sure the case is a valid one and that it is strong enough to continue or to weak to pursue. A couple of different ways to settle the dispute can come from this meeting.

Mediation - A 3rd party listens to both sides and tries to help them come up with a solution.

Arbitration - This is when a 3rd party acts similar to a judge and hears both sides then settles the dispute before going to trial.

IF neither of the above avenues are taken then the following will happen:

IF there is a preponderance of evidence - (50% or better amount of evidence that points to the claim) then the Judge will go ahead and hold a trial. This is where the facts are heard and the Judge makes a final decision.


A verdict or judgement is reached and the defendant can decide to live with the consequences or file for an appeal. The Appeal is filed if the defendant feels he/she has been wronged and can ask for a review from a higher court.

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