The Lord Of The Rings

By Erin Torpy

The Lord Of The Rings 'Before'

The Lord Of The Rings was originally written as a sequel to J.R.R. Tolkien's previous book The Hobbit, but then evolved into the trilogy known today as The Lord Of The Rings.

Fantasy (as a genre) before Tolkien was never really taken seriously, not having anything of real purpose, used to pass time. In Tolkien's books, a whole different world was built, even whole languages, that were unheard of in fantasy at the time. After reading Tolkien's books, people looked at the different fictional races in a new light, the Elves (as lovely graceful people), the Dwarves (the people who live in the mountains, mining up great treasures), the Ents (the shepherds of the trees), and many more.

The Lord Of The Rings 'Now'

After Tolkien's generation and many generations afterward, the series became unpopular (due to the 'old way' in which they were written), and most readers couldn't understand as many of the words, or plot meaning. So, Peter Jackson took up the story and changed it into a movie, making it more adaptable to the current population. This also turned out to be a big success, and many more people got interested in the series. Without Tolkien's (sometimes referred to as the father of fantasy) influence, we might not have whole fantasy world books like Harry Potter.
J.R.R. Tolkien - In Oxford (1968)