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Elf the movie: Santa Announcement

Happy Holidays!

Yes it is officially time to get in the holiday spirit and the movie Elf is a sure fire way for me to get in the spirit. I know I shared this video last year but I just have to share again. The exhilaration he has to see Santa is probably like the exhilaration we all have for our winter break. I hope you all take some time to rest, eat, eat and eat more but most of all enjoy time with friends and family over the holiday!

December Happenings

*December Pot Luck= Breakfast Bar

*Office= monthly faculty treats and staff outing

*Secrete Santa

*Winter Party will be in JANUARY!!!!!

*Custodian's Basket:

Our Custodian Baskets will now be given for Christmas. A church will be providing our fabulous custodians with a basket for Thanksgiving. We will give them our basket on Thursday, December 17. I will need all items by Wednesday the 16.

If you would like to drop off your items early, you can take them to the art room.

The list is below. Let me know if y'all have any questions.

Thank you for all you do!!!

Pre K - Canned fruit (4)

Special Ed - cans of green beans and corn

Office - Pies (2)

Kinder - Rolls/Bread (4)

1st - Pies (2)

2nd - Boxed Stuffing (4)

3rd - 5lb bag potatoes (4)

4th - Basket

5th - Basket

Specials - Basket

Intervention - Baske

January Happenings

*January Pot Luck= Soup and Salad Bar

*Specials and 5th= Monthly faculty treats and staff outing

*Winter Party=

December Birthdays

01-Larissa Gomez

06-Gabriela Franco

14-Jennifer Jones

15-Becky Chance

17-Debbie Vasquez

20-Katie Hamilton

21-Carrie Altenburger

Pat on the Back

*Id like to give a shout out to Larissa/counselors for passing out warm quilts for our students! They are beautiful..the kids are snuggling with them...- Valerie Loft

Loree and the specials team for the amazing Veteran's Day program

Rachel for setting up breakfast for Veteran's Day

Rachel for goodies in lounge and helping with box-tops

Debbie for helping me with DL resources

Paulina for everything in the office! - Valerie Loft

*Pats on the back to Charlotte, Katie, the literacy vertical team, and BKE staff for a fabulous Literacy night!

Pat on the back to Rachel Hernandez for all of the things she does to make Berkman a welcoming place- from the treats she makes and leaves in the lounge for us to setting up breakfast for Veterans Day.

Pat on the back to the specials team for taking the attenDANCE to a whole 'nother level!- Kathy Cawthron

*Thank you to Julianne for using your NextGen and research expertise to help Veronica and I with such a cool project! Thank you also to Veronica for your hard work for on this project!-Penny Oates

*I would like to thank Charlotte and Katie for all their work on Literacy Night. -Allie Duffy

*Larissa and Jennifer for all their work on getting our families help with Thanksgiving and Christmas.-Allie Duffy

*I would like to give you, Carrie Altenburger, a pat on the back for always going above and beyond for our students. Also for maintaining a positive attitude and supporting the social committee.-Irene Mooneyhan

I also want to thank Chellie Forbes for helping us out with technical issues. She helps us out as soon as we need help. If she can't fix something, she finds help from someone else right away. My hero, Chellie!- Irene Mooneyhan

What's up my Peeps!

*Schuyler Gibbons-

I was a nanny in Norway for 3 months when I was 19. I had my own room on the 4th floor of the house, it was summer and the weather was in the 60s and 70s, and I helped watch 6 kids under 5 years old. I really want to go back sometime. It was amazing.

The second one is that I was in marching band in college and in 2006 I marched in London in their New Year's Day parade. I played the flute. We were all freezing but it was one of the best experiences of my life

*Michelle Hamala

I was in Habitat for Humanity during collage and went to a trip to help the Habitat for Humanity in Florida. I was able to help with multiple houses at various stages of completion. In Seguin we only worked on one house at a time, so I was able to gain experience working with a larger Habitat for Humanity for one week.

I played soccer for 12 years for two years...Middle school and high school teams

*Lorin Mullins

When I was two I attended Learning Tree Day Care until I was 5 and went to kindergarten. When I was 18 I went to work there while I went to college. I returned when I was 24 and worked there while Zachary was in the toddler class. Now I get to teach Berkman kids who attend Learning Tree and the two van drivers, Ms. Lolly and Ms. Becky were there when I was working! They still remember me.

That was long, but I think it's a cool piece of my Round Rock history!

Wardrobe Wednesday

*Dec. 2= Christmas Shirt Day

*Dec. 7-17= Please see Kathy's Dress up schedule!

Launch- Funny teacher Joke!

Funny responses from students.
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