Our Canada is NOT for sale!

Stand up against IRresponsible government

What kind of government cares more about the profits of foreign investors than about the interests of its own citizens?
What kind of government deliberately undermines the health and safety of all Canadians to "eliminate red tape" and let profit-seekers "self-regulate" us into poisoned food, water and air?
What kind of government consistently obstructs its watchdog agencies and lies about the effects of its legislative agenda?

It's time for Canadians to take back their country

When citizens speak up with one voice, democracy can't be ignored

As a people, we have many different ideas and opinions. But, on the whole, we are a civil people who can disagree on the details but agree on the principles: honesty, freedom of association and expression, equal justice, wise use of resources, an environment where we and following generations can live in peace and good health.

That makes for a healthy democracy...but only when we agree to hold our governments accountable can we count on democracy to work.

The Ottawa Citizen article about the amount of lobbying going on in Ottawa these days:

See Who Lobbied Who In Ottawa: http://lobbywatcher.ca/

Find MPs email addresses, phone numbers, and office locations at
Tell them what you think of what they're doing to your country.

Send them snail-mail letters - no postage required - when you disagree with them:
Name of MP,
House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada, K1A 0A6

If you use Twitter, it's quick and easy to ask questions of some of them:
List of MPs on Twitter
You can use that site to sort them by party or province, get in touch with senators, follow the ones who interest you (for good or ill) and generally become better-informed on the people who form your government.

Yes, we're all busy and these things do take time...but if we don't do it, nobody will and we probably won't like the results.

Who am I and what am I here for?

Nobody special.

Just a Canadian like you who was happy and proud when Canada was considered the best place in the world to live. Just a person who was deeply concerned to see what made us so sneered at and eroded by legislation that has nothing to do with the public good.

Just a person who signed up for Twitter when the government's plan for comprehensive online surveillance of citizens was made known and we were told anyone who objected "stands with the child pornographers." I joined the #tellVicEverything protest in February, thinking it might take a month to change the government's mind about a horrendously expensive, invasive and insecure project better suited to Orwell's 1984 than Canada in 2012.

Eight months later, that protest is still alive because that bill #C30 was merely postponed and is still on this government's agenda. But the protest broadened long ago to concerns over other scandals--the #robocalls in Guelph and vote-suppression calls all across the country, the "tough on crime" agenda lobbyists for private prisons are promoting, the repeal of gun laws, the withdrawal from our Kyoto commitment, the gagging of scientists dismantling of environmental research and regulations, the blatantly discriminatory immigration policies, the handicapping of Statistics Canada and Library and Archives Canada, the many instances of millions in public money badly misspent...

The list is endless, it seems. But I want it to end, and I hope you do, too. Please do what you can to help Canada be the best country to live in again.