The Four Stooges Babysitting

Babysitting and Tutoring Service

About Us!

We're four best friends, who work well with kids.

There's : Taylor, Brianna, Haley, & Jordan.

We're in the 8th Grade.

We do offer tutoring and/or babysitting


Tutoring (More Info)

Everyone of us covers different subjects:

Haley - Math & Reading

Taylor - Social Studies, Reading, & Math

Jordan - Any type of sport & Math

Brianna - Reading, Science, & Social Studies


Babysitting (More Info)

We all have different things to do during the week.

Jordan - Practice's everyday til around 5:30 PM, Friday's & Saturday's are free

Haley - Free everyday of the week besides Sunday or Saturday (Until further notice)

Taylor - Free everyday, but Sunday. (Until further notice)

Brianna - Free everyday but Sunday. (Until further notice)

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