CVU Nordic News

week of Feb 1

Essex Skate Race Results and Pictures

Excellent job by all this weekend at the Range- I was so impressed with everyone's skiing! Tyler and Harken- you won bread!! We'll get it at Sleepy Hollow on Monday (don't forget to share:) )

Another great video by Chuck Schmitt can be found here - thanks for the video and photos! You can email Chuck at for photos.

Training this week

The weather is not looking good for snow this week. I'm going to plan out the week as best I can but please realize practice and technique will be dictated by what happens with the weather!

Monday, Feb 1- skate at Sleepy Hollow (looks like the rain will hold off for practice time)

Tuesday, Feb 2- skate at Sleepy Hollow (looks like a nice day- might change to classic if it gets cooler

Wednesday, Feb 3- skate at Sleepy Hollow (fingers crossed the rain won't ruin the skiing)

Thursday, Feb 4- skate at Sleepy Hollow

Friday, Feb 5- waxing at CVU- possible team dinner

Saturday, Feb 6- race at Jay Peak-bus leaves at 8am

Race on Feb 6

The race for Saturday, Feb 6 has been moved to the nordic trails at Jay Peak Resort. Start time has been moved to 11:00. The bus will leave CVU at 8am and stay for the race. They are still planning on a 10k skate for varsity and 5k skate for JV.

The team would like to spend Friday night at Jay. So far I have not been able to come up with lodging for the whole team. If someone would like to take on arranging lodging, transportation, and food for 45-50 skiers feel free to email me!

As an alternative, I wondering if a group of parents might want to host a team dinner Friday night after waxing? We could do the dinner at CVU in the cafe if folks were to bring food, or maybe a town hall....If someone could help organize this please feel free!

The goal with both ideas above is to create a team event that the whole team is included in.


We have 3 weeks and 4 races left to the regular season. Right now the schedule is:

Feb 6- Jay Peak skate race

Feb 10- CHS costume race- possible moved to the Range in Jericho

Feb 13- U32 skate race- Middle School Championship race

Feb 20- BFA St Albans Mixed Medley Relays

*Feb 21- U16/EHSC Qualifier race- non VPA race- see details below

This has been a particularly tough winter, however, we need continue to work together as a team to finish the season strong. Please adhere to team norms such as riding the bus to races, wearing your uniform at the races, maintaining a positive attitude, and doing your best each day.

Feb 13 at U32 is our last race as a whole team. I would love to have some sort of tail(trail) gate party at the race. If a parent(s) could help organize this the team would love it- we have done this at states but it would be nice to include the whole team. We should have electricity for crock pots and sandwiches and other quick foods always go over well. Please email if you can help organize what folks should bring.

We will name the state meet team between the Feb13- and 20 races. We can only ski the top 8 girls and top 8 boys in the State Meet races. We will also be naming alternates for each team. State meet skiers are required to attend practices during the week of Feb 22 (vacation). We will travel to Bennington on Friday, Feb 26 for the state meet on Saturday, Feb 27. We will be staying at the Paradise Inn in Bennington- if you need a room please let me know- we can get reduced rates but the hotel is filling up soon. I have reserved rooms for skiers and coaches.

The Skate portion of the State Meet is on Mar 1 at Rikerts- we have a bus going to the event (it will stay the whole day) ALL skiers are welcome to come cheer on their teammates- we need a good cheering crowd! Non state meet skiers will need to be excused from school by their parents.

U16 and Eastern High School Qualifier Race on Feb 21

Vermont Coaches Association hosts a qualifier race for 2 championship teams- the U16 and Eastern High School Championship teams. These team are made up of the top skiers in their age group for the state (public and private high school skiers in their respective age groups) Each team then represents the state of VT at a Championship weekend- 4 races in 3 days. This year the U16 weekend is in Rumford, ME and the EHS weekend is at Rikerts in VT. For more details on what each team is click here.

To qualify for the team the coaches Association is hosting a race on Feb 21 at Craftsbury. There is 3k classic race in the morning followed by a 3k skate race in the afternoon. This is not a VPA race. Skiers must register and pay for the race them selves (plus provide their own transportation). CVU coaches will be at the race to help wax our skiers. We encourage all skiers to race at the qualifier event - even if they don't feel they have a chance to make the team. The experience of skiing 2 races in one day against skiers from all abilities and area of the state is really fantastic.

Early Registiration of $20 will be open until Feb 16th after that the fee goes up to $25 until Feb 18th at 5pm. There is NO Day of Race Registration- anyone NOT regitered by Feb 18 at 5pm will not be able to participate in the races.

Also, the EHS team will be naming the top 18 skiers (18 boys/18 girls) to the team at the qualifier event- the remaining 6 skiers will be named from VT State Meet Results. All U16 skiers (22 boys and 22 girls) plus alternates will be named at the qualifier. The link for registration is :

In order to host the race with a low entry fee (NENSA races are between $40-50) the coaches association relies on parent volunteers. It is expected that every team provide at least 2 volunteers. Sign up for volunteers is here::

NENSA races at Trapps

Feb 6 and 7 Trapp Family Lodge is hosting a combined College, Eastern Cup, and SuperTour race. This means there will be skiers of all ability levels from all over the nation racing in Stowe! We want to encourage skiers to attend if they wish. Please let the coaches know if you are planning on going to these races- we will having coaches there each day. Details can be found on NENSA's webpage here

Fast and Female at Craftsbury

For females between 8-18- join the Craftsbury Green Team, US Ski Team, and other local professional skiers for an afternoon of fun, ski stations, and inspirational stories on March 19th. Information and Registration can be found here.